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The fearless journey for me is not one without fear. Rather, it is a journey traveled in spite of it.

Connie Yoga
Welcome to Connie Yoga

This is a place of reflection and yoga advice based on my own experience. No matter what level you might be on, there is something here for you!


When I first created my website I wasn't sure what to do with it, and quickly found that it was a place for me to share my life stories. Writing is such a passion of mine and for the longest time, my website was only a blog site. I discovered I have a heart to share videos of the practice so that I can help others learn from the comfort of their homes. My own personal yoga journey began this way until finally, I had the confidence to practice in a classroom. I want to be able to offer that to others, especially to those who want to incorporate yoga into their lives but can't get to a studio.

I am currently working on a collection of videos for this website. I'm incredibly excited to offer this to you. To be notified when they are released, sign up for my mailing list!

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Connie Yoga


Connie Yoga


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